Daron pledges his loyalty to Brainiac, and his first order is to kill Nyssa. Meanwhile, Adam questions whether he's a hero, and Jayna meets her grandson.


By Gadfly on May 3, 2018

Jayna and one of her men avoid the tentacles and run. Tentacles grab the man and drag him back, and Jayna continues running. The Brainiac-possessed Voice tells the Sagitari that they are being given a gift glimpsing the infinite intelligence and seeing the deliverance that he brings. He retracts the tentacles and asks if they will serve, and they all drop to their knees. Two soldiers bring Daron to the temple and say that they found Daron in a skimmer heading for Ago City. Brainiac orders…

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JuanArango posted 8 months ago

Never expected this show to be that good I have to admit.

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