Shadow of Death: The Book of War

While in a coma, Jeff talks with his dead father. Meanwhile, Martin orders his tac team to move in on Gambi's cabin, and Tobias makes his move.


By Gadfly on Apr 18, 2018

30 Years Ago A young Jeff and his father Alvin walks down the street in the rain and come across to Gambi. Alvin sends Jeff to the car, and Gambi complains that Alvin named names and Tobias is indicted. Alvin says that his editor killed his story, and Gambi tells him to leave it alone. Despite that, Alvin says that he's consumed with guilt about having Jeff take the vaccine. Later, people gather at Alvin's coffin. Afterward, Jeff is sitting in the car and Gambi watches from a distance.…

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Episode Discussion

RuneMagle posted 7 months ago

I agree. Can't wait for the next season. I'm so excited to see more of Jennifer's powers! :)

GSwarthout posted 9 months ago

Now THAT'S a season finale!

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