The Devil Complex

Fitz tries to seal the rift, and what appears to be his greatest fear materializes to help him. Meanwhile, Coulson and Melinda capture Hale only to discover that it's a trap.


By Gadfly on Mar 24, 2018

In the Lighthouse, a figure in a spacesuit materializes out of nowhere and walks off. Fitz is working on compressing the Gravitonium, and tells Jemma that he doesn't know how to do it. They discuss wishes and Jemma wishes that they had a honeymoon. She turns and the spacesuited figure grabs her by the throat and tosses her across the room. Fitz attacks it and it knocks him back, but Jemma grabs a gun and "kills" the manifestation. Mack and Elena work on Elena controlling the prosthetic han…

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