A Dark Knight: No Man's Land

Ra's and Jeremiah join forces to destroy Gotham and recreate Bruce. Meanwhile, Jim faces off with the military when the mayor orders Gotham's evacuation, and Strange finds a cure for Butch.


By Gadfly on May 19, 2018

The EMTs take Selina to the hospital and rush her to the ER. Bruce is with Selina, and promises that he'll be there with her. After taking Jeremiah to the station, Alfred tells Jim that he should have killed Jeremiah. he then leaves for the hospital, and Harvey comes in says that the bomb squads are disarming the last bomb and putting it in the warehouse with the others. The mayor wants to lift the evacuation order, but Jim refuses until they have all of the bombs locked away. Jeremiah calls…

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PatrickRuth posted 5 months ago

Feels like smallville

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