Akane No Mai

While Maeve and her people explore Shogun World, Delores realizes that the Teddy she knows can't be a part of the new world coming.



By Gadfly on May 21, 2018

Delos teams secure the Mesa and clean up the bodies. Bernard is on the balcony, looking down on the operation. Karl is looking at the devastation in the control room, and gets a call from Maling. Maling says that they're cleaning up the bodies in the flooded valley, and asks Karl if he wants the personal effects. Karl tells her to get everything Maling says that they have two teams out looking for Peter, and Karl tells her to personally bring the Host to him when she finds him. In the lab, Be…

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Episode Discussion

Chrelle66 posted 4 months ago

I'm finding it really hard to sympathize with anyone.

Who is supposed to be the protagonist?

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