Amor Vincit Omnia

The Cluster prepare for final battle against the BPO, as they try to exchange Whispers for Wolfgang.



By Gadfly on Jun 9, 2018

A young Wolfgang and his mother are watching Eurostar and his mother talks about how she can imagine Wolfgang on the show. She tells him that he can't keep his voice a secret, and he points out that she said he couldn't talk about the doctor he went to. His mother says that it's their secret and Wolfgang mustn't say it about his father. Wolfgang wakes up on a BPO gurney, Wolfgang dreams of him and his mother working in the kitchen and singing. His father Anton comes in and tells his wife t…

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Episode Discussion

PretenderCentre posted 3 months ago

This never fails to amaze and move me. The most incredibly powerful and emotional television ever made. It is beautiful to look at, incredibly moving and so glad we got an ending, although terribly sad that there will be no more.

JuanArango posted 3 months ago

Bloody, emotional, thrilling... Everything it should have been. Thank you Netflix for giving this show the finale it deserved.

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