This week on You Can't Ask That the questions are all about Drag, with guests Courtney Act, Doug Lucas, Maxi Shield, Strykermeyer, Dandrogny, Sexy Galexy and Penny Tration.

Amongst the questions are "Aren't you just mocking women?", "Who hits on you?" and "How is what you do different to the d***heads frocking up on The Footy Show?"

This episode of You Can't Ask That overdelivers on sequins, wigs, glitter and flare. But more importantly, it gets to the heart of gender expression, celebrating the surprising complexities of what it means to live life in Drag.

"Our society agreed on certain ways that men and women should act" explains Courtney Act when asked whether dressing up in drag is mocking women. "I don't ever want to mock women or mock womanhood. I just think the whole concept of gender is a construct that needs to be torn apart".

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