Dancing Queen

The Legends travel to London 1977 where Ray has to infiltrate a punk rock band to find a magical creature. Constantine pays a visit to his parents, while Nate deal with his first field assignment at the Time Bureau.


By Gadfly on Nov 6, 2018

In London 1977, the Queen checks on the Crown Jewels. She tells her aide that she will wear them so that the people can see her and adore their ruler. The Queen goes to a club where a grunge band, The Smell, is playing. She throws herself into the mosh pit as the dances throw the crown around the room. At the Time Bureau HQ, Sara arrives and reads a newspaper of the period about the Queen's exploits. Nate tells Sara and Ava that the Queen gets institutionalized and England is sent into chaos.…

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JuanArango posted 2 months ago

First good ep for quite some time.

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