Five, Six, Seven, Ate!

To find out who killed two dancers, Liv eats one of their brains and goes undercover with Ravi to find out who the murderer is. Fillmore-Graves is accused of drawing guns on elementary school students after they discover that the staff are conducting "lice checks" and segregating zombie children.



By Gadfly on May 17, 2019

Nancy Duvall and Gulliver Marlowe are discussing their personal lives and then rehearse their dance routine at the studio. Afterward, Nancy tastes her protein powder and has Gulliver take a sample to confirm how horrible it tastes. They both start choking and then die. Later at the morgue, Clive meets with Ravi and Liv, who confirm that they were poisoned with cyanide. Clive explains that they were dance partners who were going to complete for a spot on the show Dance of a Lifetime, with tick…

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Zlogorek posted 5 days ago

Old good iZombie.

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