As an imminent flu epidemic threatens the U.S., Federal Agent Brad Wolgast is the man tasked with bringing in the experiment's latest chosen test subject, a ten-year-old girl, Amy Bellafonte. But, after meeting Amy, Brad's loyalties to Project NOAH are tested and ultimately, he tries to protect her at any cost.


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mike1616 posted 29 days ago

O.M.G. Just watched the first episode and I am left with a feeling of WHAT THE HELL. This story is dead before the end of the first episode simply because there are already so many holes in it that you could use it to strain pasta.

1st- They would know the protocol for transferring a Foster Child and would have sent a female agent with them in the first place to remove any suspicions from any one seeing them.

2nd- If the experiment was so important, they would have had multiple children picked up just like they has multiple prisoners for the original experiment.

3rd- If for some reason they could only pick 1 child for the experiment, then they could easily find another as there are hundred's of thousand's of children in the American Foster System and thousand's of them are Orphans that could easily be transferred just like they tried to do to little Amy.

BUT... if you can ignore all that and what is sure to be a complete waist of time of a hunt for the 2 "Fugitives" then you might enjoy this show. If I was the sort of person who judged a show by just 1 episode (the pilot), then I would say goodby now, but I always give a show 3 episodes and if I'm still not sure I give it 2 more (5 total) to draw me in to the story.

I already think that this is going to be a show that just might be suitable for a little escape time after a long day at work. If you can switch off your brain and just go with it, then I think you will enjoy it.

I give the pilot a solid 7.5 out of 10 because Mark-Paul Gosselaar is surprisingly good in this and I think his character is going to be very complex if given a proper chance and Saniyya Sidney (Amy) is absolutely the shining stand out in this show and you should watch at least the pilot just to watch her.

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