The Witchfinders

The Doctor and her companions materialize in 17th century England and soon find themselves embroiled in local witchcraft... which is the prelude to an alien invasion.



By Gadfly on Nov 25, 2018

The Doctor and her companions wander around the village of Bilehurst Craff in 17th century England looking for the coronation of Elizabeth I. When she sees a boy running an apple-bobbing barrel as part of a village celebration, the Doctor goes over to participate. A spokesman appears to tell the villages that Mistress Becka Savage demands their presence and the ceremony will begin. The group goes along with the villagers, while a plague-masked figure watches them. The villagers go to the near…

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Episode Discussion

casper1701e posted 6 months ago

Better, but not the Dr. Who I got used to, that's for sure. It is, however, always great to see Alan anything!

kevin87 posted 7 months ago

Little bit like the previous Who but still not digging the new vibe the show has taken.

Hanii posted 7 months ago

Some of the worst writing and production of this series so far.

jepafo posted 7 months ago


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