Wilderness + Training + Survival

Mac takes Wilt and Riley on a wilderness survival trek and they run into robbers. Meanwhile, Jack accompanies Matty as she takes Ethan and his family to a secure location, and someone sends Jack a photo of a man from his past.



By Gadfly on Jan 19, 2019

Wilt and Riley run through the forest, calling for Mac. They see a column of smoke ahead and run to it, and Riley twists her ankle on a root. Wilt stops to bind it, and they hear a gunshot up ahead. 36 Hours Earlier Mac, Riley, and Wilt drive up into the forest. They discover that the water is gone, and Mac explains that he unpacked it and they'll be roughing it without water, food, cell phones, or any other equipment. Matty assigned Mac to teach them primitive survival skills because ever…

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GhostRider posted 3 days ago

Video blocked in your country by CBS are you fucking serious in 2019 lololololololol CBS= Cockbullshits

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