Nightmare at 30,000 Feet

Justin Sanderson boards Flight 1015 and finds an abandoned player that has a podcast on it of a future where the jet goes down without a trace. Can Justin stop the crash before it's too late?



By Gadfly on Apr 3, 2019

Justin Sanderson goes through security at the airport and then sees a magazine, Progressive Pointe, with a cover article written by him. A passenger buying the magazine, Joe Beaumont, recognizes Justin and Justin offers to buy it for him. Joe has Justin sign it for him and leaves. As he waits to board, Justin calls his girlfriend and apologizes for raising his voice. He insists that his assignment to Tel Aviv will be the opposite of high stress, and she tells him to forget what happened in the p…

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Episode Discussion

Zlogorek posted 6 days ago

Give the gremlin back.

Gadfly posted 21 days ago

"Investigative Reporters" have been cast as idiots at best and villains at worst since the heady days of "Woodstein."

If you don't count Absence of Malice, True Crime, The Parallax View, Year of Living Dangerously, Killing Fields, Good Night and Good Luck, State of Play, Live From Baghdad, and a few dozen more...

The episode to me seemed more convenient than anything. Justin just happens to find the podcast, and all of the passengers decide to kill him. How would they know Joe caused the crash? Yeah, he was acting nutty, but they don't know how Joe got into the cockpit? And why did the keypad combination just happen to be the flight number? That's not much smarter than using 1-2-3 as your suitcase lock #. Plus the podcaster says that all of the passengers survived except Justin. So... where was Joe? People saw him on the flight deck camera killing the flight crew. He was a passenger. Why did they let him survive? What are the odds of every passenger living? Why doesn't anyone else listen to the podcast? The air marshal? The captain? Either of the flight attendants? Are they all afraid of getting lice?

PatrickAbe posted 22 days ago

"Investigative Reporters" have been cast as idiots at best and villains at worst since the heady days of "Woodstein." Still, it's difficult to sort the ordinary folk from the apparently-calm maniac. Get it right and tragedy is averted; get it wrong and the world comes collapses on you. Always pay close attention to what people say just before they "make a little magic" of their own.

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