Perfect World

Kogami manages to stab Makishima during their fight, but Akane interrupts their fight. Makishima escapes in a truck and Akane shoots out the wheels; Makishima crashes in a field. Kogami sets Akane aside and then pursues the heavily-bleeding Makishima. Resigned to his fate, Makishima kneels and waits for Kogami to execute him. Afterwards, the Sibyl System tells Akane that they intend to reveal themselves in the future where the public will come to accept it, though Akane responds that someone will pull their plug in the future. The system responds asking her to fight for a better future. In the succeeding two months, Ginoza becomes an Enforcer and visits his father's grave. Shion and Yayoi reflect on the changes in the MWSPB and a young new Inspector arrives on the scene. At the end of the episode, Kogami departs a small cabin room from an unspecified ship.

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