The Devil`s Proof

Somewhere, Shisui finds herself strapped to a chair with her Dominator pointed towards her, her eye taken by her kidnapper, Kirito Kamui. As her fear causes her Crime Coefficient to rise, Kamui uses a peculiar method to suddenly bring it back down. Meanwhile, Akane and the others investigate the message that had appeared in her apartment, with no evidence that someone had broken in, leading some to believe Akane may have done it herself. On their way back, Akane visits Jouji Saiga, who had turned himself in after helping out Kogami during a previous incident, for his thoughts on the case. Later, Akane speaks with Bureau Chief Joshu Kasei, who gives Division 1 authority to look into the case and tells her to be cautious of Togane. As Akane begins her investigation, her partner Mika Shimotsuki becomes distrusting of Akane's actions, arresting a man named Kotoku Masuda who claims to know Kamui. Meanwhile, Aoyanagi, who had been contacted by Shisui and told to go to a mental care facility, finds herself lured into a trap by someone who violently attacks her whilst still maintaining a low Crime Coefficient, also mentioning Kamui's name.

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