Omnipotence Paradox

Having revealed the truth of the Sibyl System to Mika, with her hue remaining clear, Kasei and Togane, who was an artificially created human, decide to use her for the purpose of turning Akane's hue black. After eliminating Masuzaki, who knew too much about Kasei's identity, Togane tasks Mika with locating Akane's grandmother, Aoi. Meanwhile, Akane and the others learn of an official named Koichi Kuwashima, one of Kamui's friends who had escaped the plane accident, who at that time helps Kamui exact his revenge on a company who benefited from turning a blind eye to the incident. When Akane and the others arrive at the scene, which had already been set on fire, Kuwashima gives Akane a box containing Aoi's ear, angering her. As Saiga interrogate Kuwashima, Kamui starts making his next move by hijacking a subway train while Togane does something terrible to Aoi.

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