The Iron Throne

In the aftermath of the devastating attack on King's Landing, Daenerys must face the survivors.


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casper1701e posted 4 days ago

Possibly THE worst ending to a once-GREAT series. This final season, with a few exceptions was the absolute worst. And this episode should have been re-written immediately. What they did to Jon, was appalling and despicable. Sansa finally got to be the almighty dee da - all while she could give two craps about what happened to Jon. The 3 heroes of this episode were of course, Jon, Arya and Tyrion. Jon should have killed Grey Worm while he was at it! Barbarians at the gate and I'm glad Dany is gone forever...mad queen indeed. Jon should be sitting on that throne with Drogon beside him, period. Since they screwed Jon so badly, 10 points to Drogon for burning that damn throne! Almost as if he was saying "that has caused us nothing but trouble and made my mother a monster!" Lol. Door left just enough ajar for them to go in and make a movie to re-write their many, many mistakes and put Jon where he belongs! And just don't even bother showing Sansa, she's completely not worth the view.

SanneBlomme posted 4 days ago

Not a bad final at the internet kinda became the mad queen.

Thomas posted 4 days ago

While some parts were very predictable like Snow killing Daenarys, I thought it was a decent finale. It somehow had a final ending, yet an open end. I'm pleased with it and looking forward to the upcoming spin-offs.

Zlogorek posted 4 days ago

⠀ And Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series goes to DROGON!

Zlogorek posted 4 days ago

⠀ So, will one of these planned spin-offs about adventures of Arya The Columbus?

JCuervo_a posted 4 days ago

Surprisingly, I liked it a lot more than I expected. I think it's a great ending to the story but it came to this in a very hasty and sloppy way, they could have done the same in more episodes, with more sense. It's unforgivable how they rushed it. And I don't think it's at all "one of the worst endings ever seen in the history of television," as I read some people say. Knowing all the mistakes D&D made in the past, this final stretch could have been a real disaster and it was not. It is a real pity that so many mistakes have been made to reach this conclusion, but the truth is that it was very difficult to close this series, not because of the story, but because of the cultural phenomenon. Something like this hadn't happened since LOST, and there will always be people who were satisfied and others who were not.

The final scenes of Jon, Sansa (THE F'CKING QUEEN IN THE NORTH) and Arya are very beautiful. They are going to be a nice memory. As will Brienne closing Jaime's story.

Myshows posted 4 days ago

Unexpected, but boring finale nevertheless. That's a rare combination, good job on that!

LeonKennedy posted 4 days ago

A masterpiece that can hardly be outmatched! Such a shame that we'll never get to see it...

WayneInNYC posted 5 days ago

I thought it was a strong, SENSIBLE ending.

ninodj22 posted 5 days ago

Biggest shit ever

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