Crusader in the Crypt

On assignment to find invasion plans, Rebecca escapes empty-handed from the castle of Prussian General von Kessler, with the aid of the Aurora and her cousin Phileas. They are then summoned back to Fogg Manor, Shillingsworth Magna, with the news that the body of Phileas's father has disappeared from the family crypt. The group travels to the manor, where a number of strange occurrences have been reported. The vicar has called in an exorcist, who seems smitten with Rebeccas' charms. Phileas, who left the Secret Service after his father's actions got his brother killed, is none too pleased or interested in the whole affair. Passepartout eventually discovers that Boniface's body wasn't stolen, but that the bones were reduced to dust by an electrical storm that triggered a discharge. The same discharge reanimated the skeleton that was in the crypt, that was brought back from the Crusades by Boniface's ancestor. The vicar believes the bones are those of an angel, but Jules believes they are of an alien. Meanwhile, von Kessler and his men are tracking Rebecca, who unknowingly has the plans after all. Jules, Phileas, and Rebecca are trapped in the church by von Kessler when the alien is reanimated. Fortunately it is friendly, and departs in a spaceship. The ship destroys the church, which provides enough of a distraction for the group to capture von Kessler. At the end, Phileas reconciles with his father's actions in life and lets Passepartout build a memorial fountain over the dusty remains of Boniface Fogg.

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