Chapter 20

David gains an ally in the battle against his former friends: a time traveler who can undo anything that happens to him. Farouk meets the traveler and discovers just how powerful she is.



By Gadfly on Jun 25, 2019

A teenager listens to an audio about time travel, and is instructed that the present is a feeling as well as a date. One should feel no shame about the future. The woman, Jia-Yi, then talks with a figure on a TV and says that her studies are okay. The man on the screen tells her to keep up the good work, and aides wheel the TV away. As Jia-Yi walks down the street, she sees a posted flyer asking if she's invisible, with pictures of a pregnant virgin. As she steps forward, a flower growing out…

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JuanArango posted 17 days ago

What an impressive start into the final season!

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