Byes, bums and baby oil!

The time for Bobby's huge charity bash had almost arrived, but as the boys were working on their dance moves and deliberating whether their crotch action should be ‘a subtle pump, or a y'know, pump-pump?', drama was stirring up between the girls…

Ferne and Gemma were still at each other's throats, but behind each other's backs, natch. Gemma was annoyed at Ferne, thinking she was way out of order showing her an article about gastric band surgery, adding she needed to ‘learn when to pipe down'. But Ferne insisted she didn't even know Gemma was angry at her, and was crushed when GC insisted everyone hated her. MEEEEOOOW!

Stomachs around the country churned as they ran into each other at Bobby's charity do, but they ended up making up, after Gemma suggested Ferne wasn't ‘a bad person deep down', and that she is ‘an acquired taste'. Wow, get us the tissues… But Dani reckons it's all "so fake". Maybe saying ‘I love you' thirty seconds after you're ready to claw someone's eyes out doesn't quite wash!

Jess drew a huge line under her relationship with Ricky, and really showed it by initiating the ever-awkward post-breakup-stuff-exchange. And going over in her evening dress, looking a million bagillion quid? Well, that was just a bit of extra punishment! Ricky decided he's going to take some time out of Essex to visit his parents in Florida, but with Jess insinuating that he shouldn't be trusting his mate Mario, he'll have a lot of thinking to do while he's sunning his beard.

Meanwhile, the boys got their bums out for a good cause… along with everything else! And Dan even helped out by manning his own kissing booth. Yes, dreams really can come true. So, even though everyone had tears in their eyes while Bobby was on stage and filling up as he talked about his mum's illness, the charity bash was a success. Even if the audience got more of an eyeful than they bargained for…

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