Long Walk Home

Swamp Thing helps Avery despite the Green's wishes and pays a steep price. Upon her return to Atlanta, Abby discovers that Dr. Palomar is in charge of her research... and the Conclave is in charge of Palomar.


By Gadfly on Jul 20, 2019

The next morning in the swamp, Avery contemplates his gunshot wounds. He hears the plants "talking", cuts a bandage out of his shirt, and then limps off. Avery uses his knowledge of the swamp to head for Marais, and hears something moving among the trees. He sees no one, and promises to walk out of the swamp and save himself. Behind him, the tree that Avery cut to mark his path heals itself. Abby arrives at the CDC in Atlanta and meets with Harlan, and she gives her sample to an assistant, Ca…

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