The Gloaming

Philo meets his father and learns how the man met his mother. The darkasher strikes again, but Philo learns who its controller is. Imogen and Agreus have another assignation, and Jonah confronts ABsalom about his parentage.


By Gadfly on Sep 22, 2019

Cabal questions Quill, asking why he hesitates. Quill says that he's weak because he's impure, and he purges himself through prey. Cabal has him knee, and Quill prays for purification. Later, Quill and other Puck beat a Puck dressed in human garb. Once the Puck is dead, Cabal tells Quill to strip the corpse. Morning at the station, and a fae prostitute calls Dombey into the fae holding cell to show him Vignette's hanging body. When Dombey gets close enough, the "dead" Vignette kicks him, r…

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Episode Discussion

JuanArango posted a day ago

Loved the first season, very refreshing.

GSwarthout posted 17 days ago

Already announced second season.

LeonKennedy posted 18 days ago

I hope there will be another season!

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