Antisocial Pathologies

Secrets come out as Jefferson pieces together the secret conspiracy that has manipulated the League and the Outsiders. Helga takes Violet and the Markovs to Ultra-Humanite so that he can fulfill his side of their bargain, but Gretchen has other plans.


By Gadfly on Aug 17, 2019

In Western Mongolia, Gretchen tells the Light Council that Earth's heroes are cooperating more than they've revealed. She reports that the team that invaded her home escaped thanks to Cyborg and Halo, and Ultra-Humanite tells them that they need not concern themselves with Halo and he has plans for her. He insists that he has first rights to her despite Gretchen's interest, and Gretchen asks about the Markovs. In Hollywood, Tara is walking down the street and Deathstroke grabs her from behind…

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Sheldon131 posted 6 days ago

Damn, things are heating up.

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