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New Life

Melinda battles Izel, Daisy and Mack fight Sarge, and Yo-Yo deals with a problem from within. Fitz-Simmons have to deal with another situation where they have to change the course of their natural lives, and Sarge's true people prepare to invade Earth.


By Gadfly on Aug 3, 2019

Fitz-Simmons see Melinda on the monitor, stabbed by Sarge. The other agents stare in shock, and Jemma breaks into tears. Daisy calls and says that the zombies have pinned them down, and Fitz tells her that Melinda is down. The comms go offline, and Fitz-Simmons discover that they've been locked out of the system. Malachi and his hunters teleport into the Lighthouse. All of SHIELDs satellites go offline, and Jemma figures that it's an attack. Malachi and the others come in shooting and the…

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Episode Discussion

Nossie posted a year ago

Its not Jemma that activates the LMD but daisy.

Aidan posted a year ago

I hope they stay the place they ended up for a bit next season.

Zlogorek posted a year ago

⠀ Coulson lived, Coulson is alive, Coulson will live!

Zlogorek posted a year ago

⠀ "Hey, guys."

Zlogorek posted a year ago

⠀ — What do we have to do?

⠀ — Change the natural course of your lives forever.

⠀ — Oh, that again. / Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

⠀ :) :) :)

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