A humanoid taking the name "Conner" leaves Cadmus Laboratories with a dog, Krypto, after incapacitating the scientists who held him captive. Conner wanders the world trying to find out who he is, and the scientist who created him seeks him out and explains his origins.



By Gadfly on Oct 12, 2019

At Cadmus Labs in Metropolis, a naked man with the Superman symbol tattooed on his arm walks past the unconscious scientists and goes to a cell containing a white-furred dog. As the man kneels before the cell, the dog's eyes glow red. A few minutes later, the man knocks out the guards in his path as he walks out of Cadmus, the dog following him. The man looks at the dog tag, which has the name "Krypto" on it. He looks at the uniform he took from a guard, sees the nametag "Conner" on it, and a…

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Gislef posted 8 days ago

The TVMaze review is here:

hekiv posted 8 days ago

a really interesting episode, I'm so invested in Conner now and I just can't wait to see what happens next.

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