Mine Is a Long and a Sad Tale

Alice takes Kate down the sad, winding road of her life in the days after the accident as Jacob and Sophie attempt to track them. Mary has an argument with Catherine which sends her looking for Kate at Wayne Tower, but instead she becomes unwelcome company for Luke.



By Gadfly on Nov 4, 2019

In a morgue, Alice removes skin from female corpses and then leaves. At Wayne Tower, Luke tells Kate about how Gotham's newest killer is called "The Skin Pirate" because he takes skin from his victims. He hit three morgues in one night and Luke checks surveillance cameras along the route. They pick up the Skin Pirate, and Luke realizes that it's Alice. Kate doesn't believe it, but Luke uses more cameras to positively identify Alice. Kate immediately prepares to go out, vowing that she'll stop…

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Avoozl posted 12 days ago

What does is say about a show when the best acting performance comes from the children...?

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