ISSUE #109: Storm Killer

With the crooked man closing in and a final confrontation seemingly inevitable, a terrified Nicole tries to protect Dion by fleeing the city.

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Episode Discussion

RoseRed posted 14 days ago

I was genuinely surprised at how much I enjoyed this series. Never heard of it and had no expectations, ended up watching it straight through. The kid got on my nerves some of the time, but not enough to put me off.

Mum2StaffyBulls posted 15 days ago

Worth the time to watch and best of all, you can watch it with your kids or grandkids. A couple of issues were dealt with rather well and might be used to encourage family discussions about societal issues. The cast was very good, the dancing brief, but enjoyable and plenty of laughs throughout. I plan to watch season 2 if they make it.

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