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You're a Damn Good Cop, Jim Gordon

Commissioner Gordon loses a friend in Batman, but gains a new one when he interrogates Clayface's severed arm. Meanwhile, Harley and Clayface try to steal the arm back, and Psycho and Ivy visits the Cowled Critic who dared to criticize Harley's crew.

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By Gadfly on Jan 4, 2020

Ivy sits in the abandoned mall with her books and pours herself some wine. She's interrupted with Harley and her crew return with a stolen King Tut sarcophagus complete with Tut's mummified body inside. Harley checks in on Villiany.Evil only to discover that there's nothing about the heist. KGBeast is being nominated for the Legion of Doom, and Harley insists that she's better than him. Harley goes berserk, complaining that she's been busting her ass to get busted by the Legion for the last two…

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Gislef posted 13 days ago

The TVMaze review is up here:

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