Getting Wet in Fiji

Over thirty miles of beach stretch down the coast of Galveston, Texas but if you're looking to hang 10, Schlitterbahn Waterpark is the place to be. The Boogie Bahn is the surf machine that sends a six inch constant stream of water to shred on. Only the pros have a chance to not wipe out on the vicious waves. Two of those pros, Brent and Miller are meeting with their friends Andrea, Vanessa and Liz for some fun at the park. They are putting away their boogie boards to brave Schlitterbahn's newest ride, the Screaming Serpents. The slide sits at over 6 stories high and takes 11 minutes to get to the top. Enough time to give the riders second thoughts. Every day, twenty people have to back out when they reach the top. Tucked away in the Pennslyania Poconos is the indoor waterpark called Camelback, a vacation destination for the New York and Philly residents looking for some adrenaline. Aquatopia is the biggest indoor waterpark in the Northeast and their newest ride is the World's only Venus Slyde Trap. Xtreme Waterparks has exclusive access to the ride before it opens to the public. Ashley, Dalmier, Britney and Christian are going to be the first riders of the Slyde Trap after testing has been completed, which is no comfort to Dalmier who is already completey scared of water slides. South Africa's Sun City waterpark was built inside the rim of an extinct volcano, combining safari and fun in the sun into one beautiful destination. This desert oasis is not for relaxing though, as the Temple of Courage challenges even the most fearless waterpark riders. It's the second tallest ride in South Africa that sends you down a sixty-degree drop, 230 feet total, in only four seconds. Wayne, Stephan and Pietrus are business partners getting out of the office for a day in paradise and a little friendly competition. Deep inside the rain forests of Fiji, on the island of Taveuni lives a natural waterslide made out of volcanic rock. Before going down the slide, Conrad, his brother Aaron and friend Anna have to visit the village chief to receive his permission. The village kids ride the slide standing up, with butter on their feet. It's a bumpy ride down for Conrad and crew that takes sixty seconds to get to the bottom and dumps you into a six-foot pool.

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