Brave New World

"Evos" and humans attempt to join together... but an act of terrorism kills thousands and sets humans against the superpowered among them. One year later, Noah Bennet is drawn back into the fray as a new breed of Heroes emerge.


By Gadfly on Sep 26, 2015

June 13 – One Year Ago Noah Bennet sits on a park bench in Odessa, TX, and eats an apple. A butterfly lands on the bench next to him, and Noah leaves a message for his daughter Claire on her phone. He says that it’s been a few years since they talked, and says that a lot has changed since the last time he talked. Noah tells Claire that he’s proud of everything that she’s done, and tells her that the last thing she wants to feel is regret. After leaving his message, Noah goes to the nearby…

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Episode Discussion

davidt18 posted 3 years ago

Good Episode. Hope this becomes a regular series and not stay a mini series.

everdeen posted 3 years ago

First part like gjuniorX said, is awesome. I really hope Tim Kring have learned from his mistakes from before. Not many gets another chance to correct the mistakes from before. He got it. So lets hope.

On to the second episode....

gjuniorX posted 3 years ago

First part of the 2 part show was pretty good & after watching both parts its looking promising!!

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