Transportation Gone Wild

The recipe for the perfect form of transportation: a nice car, or maybe a scooter, or boat, and if possible bring a chef along. Any way you measure it, transportation is a huge part of traveling, so why not make it memorable. In Laos, Tony finds himself in Wang Prabang, a spiritual hillside community known for its beautiful monuments and places of worship. Elephants are revered in this community, so what better way to show his respect than to ride an elephant through the jungles? In Tony's words, "it feels like your riding on top of a giant scrotum." In Medellin, Colombia, buses are a highly regarded expression of individuality and pride. Here it's a pimp my bus moment, all the time. He takes a ride with chef Andres to the Plaza Minorista for a small breakfast. Little does he know that the Colombian tradition is to eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper. After devouring nearly all of the fried eggs, rice, empanadas, beans, arepas, and various meats on his plate, he's ready for the day. In Malaysia, Tony meets up with an old friend, David, who has previously shown him around Kuala Lumpur and Borneo. David takes Tony on a fancy gardenia-covered carriage ride through the streets of Panang. Tony feels like he's in Liberace's wedding in the carriage. He is not thrilled, even with a beer in his hand.

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