Extreme Games

There's nothing like good old-fashioned, heart-pumping action as Tony lives out his adrenaline junkie fantasies. In China, Tony visits the mega-lux Yabuli Ski Resort in the Changbai Mountain Range. Here, he meets Graham Kwan and Patrick Fournier, two executive partners of the resort. Not only does Tony relish the mostly empty slopes, but he also enjoys some Iranian caviar and beer on the gondola ride up the mountain. Luxurious, indeed! On his last run, fortified by alcohol, he takes an exhilarating ride down a luge run on a sled in a blizzard - and comedy, of course, ensues. In Mexico, Tony and Carlos, head chef at Les Halles in NYC, make their way to Carlos' hometown outside Mexico City. Carlos introduces Tony to the traditions surrounding bullfights: parades, street food, liquor, and fans. Then, joined by Carlos' extended family, Tony and Carlos watch as toreros taunt a bull into submission, not exactly Tony's cup of tea. In Australia, Tony finds himself fully suited in scuba gear and inside an aquatic tank, surrounded by 11-foot-long grey nurse sharks. Luckily, Tony's guide and shark expert, Brendan Kelly says these 350-pound beasts with razor sharp teeth are as gentle as little lambs. Sea turtles and stingrays also swim by, but the sharks seem to be the creatures that love to get right in Tony's face.

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