The Meat, The Fire

The most prehistoric method of cooking still proves to be the best. A juicy cut of meat, the open fire, and repeat. In Yabuli, China, Tony is invited by a local man to dine with him and his wife, Shelly, at a popular mobile restaurant. The specialty of this motorbike-powered doublewide is meat. On a stick. They devour steak on a stick, chicken organs on a stick and butterfly larvae on a stick. In Uruguay, Tony learns the true meaning of taking your time to enjoy life. In the tiny village of Garzon, chef Francis Mallman has opened a popular restaurant that specializes in cooking foods over fire. From whole cows roasting next to the open flame, to smoked, salt-crusted pig legs. Then, in Montevideo, Uruguay, Tony and his brother Chris encounter a plethora of grilled meats at Montevideo's Mercado del Puerto. Forget the sides, they want meat, and they want it now. In the Ozarks, Tony and the local band Ha Ha Tonka fire up the barbecue. And what to go better with it than some target practice while they're waiting? After the shootout, they enjoy some bacon-wrapped venison, pork chops and T-bone steaks. Of course, there are the ever-present mashed potatoes, baked beans, and cornbread, with some corn on the cob as well.

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