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Rick and his group get caught up in a dangerous little town on the road back to Alexandria. Meanwhile, Daryl, Sasha and Abraham continue to lead away the remaining walkers away from the safe-zone.


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petrd1 posted 11 months ago

Off to watch the next episode, but it sounds to me some here have taken up residence in a land along a river in Egypt.

Next zombie opera installment please.

Adnaan posted 11 months ago

Keep Calm, Glenn is alive (:

Sandrosaurus posted 11 months ago

Glenn isn't gone, Nicolas is above him. Intestines aren't in the upper body...Nic's guts will save Glenn!

jimj posted 11 months ago

This was truly an awesome episode, I was certain that Glenn was killed, but several people don't think so.I hope I am wrong. And now that Rick is in a pickle, how is he going to get out of it.

JuanArango posted 11 months ago

A truly brilliant but also very shocking episode!

cairns1986 posted 11 months ago

An absolutely epic episode, after getting over the initial shock I believe said 'death' hasn't actually occurred like it was portrayed.

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