De Eeuwige Liefde

They say that love will change over them, but how does it work? After five year having a relationship, many couples are struggling. The feeling of a midlife crisis; Is this everything? What's the secret of real love? What are the tricks to remain in a happy relationship?

Joop & Clazien are happily married for over 60 years and are still in love. How do they do that? Lauren visits them to find out an easy explanation. Care and a strict routine are their key to remain happily marred.

The difference between Joop & Clazien and those couples performing Tantra is huge. Letting go of your emotions, surrender to your desires and not to feel any shame. It sounds exiting and appears to be extremely sexual. Sex would be of a total different level and change your relation. Lauren undresses and receives a massage by a bodyworking to experience this new feeling.

It is clear that there is more than a single recipe to love each other as sex might be important for some people, others might love each cause of their passion for something. Aart & Leontion share their passion for cars and that is one of their keys for their love, but the recipe for love is different for anyone.

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