Lost Boys

Four homeless Wesen children lose the "mother" that they kidnapped and decide to take Rosalee as their new mother. Meanwhile, Nick moves Adalind and Kelly to his new home, and Renard meets with Meisner for the first time since the King's death.


By Gadfly on Nov 14, 2015

I think I had a mother once. After he sells his home, Nick has the movers take things out. He goes upstairs and tells Adalind that it’s time. As Nick puts Kelly in the car seat, he says that he’s been there almost seven years . He tells Adalind that she was the first woge that he ever saw, and she admits that he was first Grimm she saw. Adalind takes Kelly to the car, and Nick goes down a minute later. He takes one last look around and then leaves. At the spice shop, Monroe is running the…

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