Dead Men Tell No Tales

Pandora resurrects Ichabod's nemesis General Howe to lead an army of undead warriors on Sleepy Hollow. To stop Howe, the Witnesses need to find his tomb and turn to Brennan and Booth for help.

Part 2 of 2. Part 1 is Bones S11E05


By Gadfly on Oct 30, 2015

A courier driver is heading down the road when his radio malfunctions and then goes dead. His GPS goes out as well and the driver skids off the road when a robed woman appears in front of him. The driver runs back only to discover that the woman is gone. Pandora appears behind him and says that it's not personal, and briefly chokes him with magic. She tells him to run and once he leaves, opens the truck. Inside is a case and Pandora opens it to reveal a skeleton inside. She tosses a Nordic rune…

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