Oversized Garage Coming!

Peter and Sheena Rector have seven children with three kids sharing a bedroom, it's simply not enough space. Already drastically stretching a single paycheck to support a family of nine, Jaylene helped them track down an amazing house for a steal of a price - $105,000 - 5-bedrooms, 3 bathrooms. They need to get this move done before the weather becomes treacherous, making things worse, the plot of land is in the centre of a forest so they had better get cutting! With the oversized garage, the house measures an unwieldy 54 feet, meaning that manoeuvring this lengthy load through the crowded city will be tight. On top of all that, the house will be moving in the middle of winter! Icy roads, gravel only access, blizzards, and other motorists contending with the slippery conditions all mean Kelly's crew is in for a bumpy ride. With that, the Rectors' dream of a large family home could become a nightmare of splintered timber on the side of the highway!

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