16 Women, 1 RV

Dan and Nikki Eggebrecht are trading in their old RV so they can upgrade to a spacious, luxury model with enough torque to tow Dan's toys. Dan keeps busy as the Vice President of Andros Boat Works so he wants to be able to relax during his off time on his boat out on the water. He's looking for an RV with enough muscle to bring his toys along for family vacations. Nikki is more concerned with having enough beds to provide comfortable sleeping quarters and extra room for their daughter and additional friends that may tag along. They meet up with Lazydays RV Expert Tracy 'Bama' Elliot to find out just how much of an upgrade they can get on their $325,000 budget. In Florida, a dynamite roller derby team of all-stars known as the Tampa Tantrums is tired of shelling out money for hotel rooms when they're on the road. The team decides it's time to rent a road warrior that can easily sleep 16 teammates without sacrificing space and comfort. So Rojo, Diddy, Blaque Jack and Little A get paired with Lazydays RV Expert Steve Mularz to find out if it's realistic for the team to afford a large sleeper coach and stay within their weekly $1500.00 budget. An unlikely duo of ravers, mother Suzie Weisband and her teenage daughter Sami are looking for the perfect sized caravan to hit up as many EDM festivals over the summer, as they create new memories before Sami leaves home and heads to college in a year. Suzie is more practical and is mainly focused on the bare necessities while Sami prefers glam upgrades and private sleeping areas. RV Expert Steve Spears tries to show Suzie and Sami the best of both worlds but may have to exceed their $30,000 limit. Dan is impressed with the bling of the 450 horsepower, $377,000 Allegro Bus but Nikki thinks the interior space is too tight with the slides closed. In the end, Dan decides it's more important for Nikki and their daughter to have enough space and they opt for the $310,000 10-bed Tiffin Phaeton. Steve goes way over budget and hits a brick wall when he shows the Tampa Tantrums the over-sized Dynaquest Dynamax at a $2100.00 weekly rental, but manages to step back into their good graces when he shows them the under budget $1400.00 week Thor Chateau. Suzie and Sami are butting heads on whether to compromise on costs or space. Suzie likes the functionality of the budget friendly $23,684 Forest River R-Pod but Sami isn't happy about the lack of privacy or cramped bathroom. In the end, Suzie has a soft spot for her daughter and gives into Sami's choice, the $60,000 Airstream, 2 times more than the original budget.

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