The Elvis Factor

Hair salon owners Carlos and Tina Cancio have trekked across the globe on family vacations but ever since Tina was diagnosed with leukemia, flying is no longer an option. The Cancios want an RV so the family will still be able to go on vacations and allow Tina to rest when they're on the road. Their children Sera and Christian and Tina's mother Sharon have come along to help shop for an RV big enough to house the family of five. Lazydays RV expert Mark Young pulls out all the stops and shows the Cancio family a couple of high-end RVs to fit their $350,000 budget: one is a luxurious model; the other is custom coach fit for a rock star. Party girls Courtney Larsen and Carrie Simon are looking for a swank RV rental that they can take to the Kentucky Derby races. So far the women are impressed by the Fleetwood Excursion's high-end furnishings and have already started planning how they're going to show up for the races in style. But before they can drive off the lot Courtney and Carrie have to take an RV driving lesson and pass the test. They meet up with Lazydays Driving Instructor Bob Bergeron. Entrepreneurs David and Dana Lutz run Thoroughbred, a custom golf cart company and are in the market to upgrade to a fifth wheel toy hauler. Dana is a real stickler for storage plus she wants a space to house 2 bunk beds for their two daughters. David's main concern is getting a garage big enough to fit their custom carts so he's brought one along for the tour. David and Dana Lutz are paired with Lazydays RV expert Jason Brunner, and he shows the family trailers with tons of storage and extra amenities they weren't expecting in their $100,000 price range. The Cancio kids love the bunk bed area with drop down TVs in the Forest River Charleston. Tina & Carlos are especially pleased with the $354,225 price tag. But the grandmother Sharon is seeing stars over the Prevost Superbus with 2 full baths, automatic leather sleeper. But the Superbus lacks a sleeping area for the kids and costs $462,868 - way over their budget. Even though they wanted a custom coach, the Cancios opt for the Charleston as the best choice for their family. Carrie's road test causes Bob to pump the brakes on her chances of driving the RV. He gives her a grade of F but she doesn't take it to heart, saying she got an F for fabulous. Unlike Carrie, Courtney avoids running over cones and receives a passing grade so these best friends will be able to take their Fleetwood Excursion off to the races. Out of the 3 options the Lutz's have to choose from, Dana and David are torn between what choice is best for their family. They both agreed that the Keystone Raptor was too small. Dana loves the storage and outdoor patios in the slightly over budget $105,000 Heartland Cyclone but David was really impressed with the garage size in the $85,000 Crossroads Elevation. In the end David gets his way and the Lutz family goes for the under budget Elevation toy hauler.

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