Bewilderment of Heart

The Amphora spreads darkness across Vega, inciting suicidal desires in the residents. While Claire, David, Arika, and William wrestle with their inner demons, Alex, Michael, and Noma try to find the Amphora so that they can close it before it's too late.


By Gadfly on Sep 18, 2015

The black cloud from the Amphora spreads over Vega. Flowers wilt and electrical wiring shorts out.In the control center, the lights flicker and Sanders draws a gun on Claire. After a moment he shoots himself in the head, and the Angel Corps soldiers attack each other and the technicians. Many of the participants kill themselves, and explosions rock the room. Claire takes cover and calls to Alex, who fights his way through the chaos. A man grabs Claire, and she manages to grab her gun and kill th…

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