Day of Wrath

After the Amphora is destroyed, Alex rallies the remaining survivors to defend the walls of Vega against the invading eight-balls. Meanwhile, Michael battles Gabriel while David tries to activate the wall cannons. In the past, the events leading up to the Apocalypse War are revealed.



By Gadfly on Sep 25, 2015

In Vega, Michael looks down at the city as it burns. Gabriel soars down and knocks him into a building below, and then draws his sword. Michael realizes that Gabriel unleashes the Darkness from the Amphora, and that the Darkness is inside of him. Gabriel says that Julian merely lifted the veil from his eyes, and now he realizes who the true enemy is. He throws a sword at Michael, who catches it, and then draws his other blade and promises to kill Michael and everything he loves. He swings and Mi…

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