High Jinx

Pappy snares himself an ace who just happens to an Admiral's son. Gutterman flew with the pilot before and tells Pappy the man is a jinx. Pappy tells Gutterman to keep it to himself, there's no such thing as jinxes, however the rest of the squadron finds out anyway from other sources. When things start to go wrong they blame the new ace. Gutterman who begins to see how wrong their thinking has been tries to befriend the pilot...but its too late. He informs Gutterman that he can't take that kind of hatred again and he's getting out one way or another. When the squadron is attacked by zeroes he disobeys orders and engages. He's shot down and dies. Upon return to Vella la Cava the now sober squadron finds gifts awaiting for them - their newest pilot had contacted his father and had new flight jackets made for all of them. Their remorse at they way they treated him comes too late...

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