The Djinn

Red and Liz continue their mission to clear Liz's name. Red enlists the help of the task force to help them find a woman called the Djinn, a mysterious woman who fulfills revenge fantasies. They believe the Djinn can lead them to the Cabal, the next step in exonerating Liz. Harry Lennix, Ryan Eggold, Amir Arison, Mozhan Marne.


Guest Cast

Episode Discussion

JCuervo_a posted a month ago

-Red: "ugh, I forget the next line" -Lizzy: "You're a terrible actor"
LOL, that had to be a fun scene to shoot

Thogek posted 11 months ago

I think Red's little gift to Ressler was my biggest mind-blower this ep. Just that he went through all of that for one page, and gave the rest... wow.

That, and I kinda wonder if we'll see Alice again.

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