Episode 2

1925. The acid-tongued exchanges between Violet and Isobel over the hospital get sharper; Cora sides with Isobel. Mary chides Robert for offering Carson the servants' hall for his wedding reception, and offers upstairs instead; Mrs Hughes insists on a separate venue, which leads to friction between the couple. Thomas looks for another job; he thinks it's clear that people are avoiding him, and want him gone. Edith argues vehemently with Mr Skinner, the publisher of her magazine, who dislikes all her ideas. Mary takes Anna to a Harley Street doctor, who proposes an operation during her next pregnancy.Mary arranges for the pigs to be entered in the local livestock show, but unwisely takes Marigold when she goes to inspect them on the farm, which upsets Mrs Drewe tremendously. During the show, she kidnaps Marigold and takes her home; her husband persuades her to give her back, and decides it would be best if they moved away. Robert is distressed, because of their long and loyal service, but reluctantly agrees.


By MikeHeavin on Sep 30, 2015

Trouble begins to brew as Carson and Mrs. Hughes begin their plans for the wedding. Battle lines are drawn between Violet and Isobel regarding the plans for the hospital. Lord Crawley regretfully has to deal with a tenant as a result of a situation involving Edith's daughter. Thomas seems to think he sees the writing on the wall, so begins exploring new positions. After coming to terms with her condition, Lady Mary takes her to London and restores her hope for the future.

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