With the initiation of Hawk-Eye, a new police program monitoring suspicious behavior, Vega seeks help from Akeela to get Dash in as the new program analyst. Meanwhile, Vega and Dash begin to suspect that Arthur may have a bigger plan up his sleeve.

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Episode Discussion

cobraa posted a year ago

third episode better then the 2nd

JuanArango posted a year ago

I am enjoying it too, but the ratings are not good, so it might get cancelled.

MrCorleone posted a year ago

Not the best episode, but the show is really good

teros posted a year ago

Its a nice show. its not an immediately winner though. It seems to unfold episode after episode getting better as it goes. I'll keep watching.

gjuniorX posted a year ago

Love the sci fi stuff..Still not sure if the show has enough to keep going.

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