Paladin helps an old friend, now a sheriff, bring in two boys found guilty of murder. Both are underage, and Paladin has his doubts about seeing them hang. Meanwhile, the brother of the murdered man plans to dispense his own justice.

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By Gadfly on Jan 1, 2017

At the Carlton, Paladin is playing chess against a frustrated opponent, Yegeny, when Hey Girl gives him a newspaper. It talks about Bob Olson and James Horton, who escaped from Sheriff Ernie Backwater and a jury after they were found guilty of the death of Tom Petty. Bob and James leaped out of the courtroom window, and Bob testified that they hadn't set out to kill Tom but it had been a "fandango". Paladin checkmates Yevgeny and leaves for the town. Later, Paladin approaches Bob at the water…

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