Sleep No More

The Doctor and Clara find themselves aboard the Le Verrier Space Station in orbit above Triton in the 38th century, and face a deadly threat that could consume all of humanity.


By Gadfly on Nov 15, 2015

Professor Gagan Rasmussen sends a video warning the viewer that they must not watch what follows. He comes on camera and warns that the viewer can never unsee what they will see if they watch. Rasmussen explains that he's aboard the Le Verrier Space Station in orbit above Neptune. Something growls in the distance, and Rasmussen says that he's put the recorded events into some kind of order so that the viewer can understand. He apologizes for the bits that are missing and admits that he doesn't f…

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Episode Discussion

ThunderZtorm posted 2 years ago

"do the song" - that robot voice reminded me oh so very much of GLADoS from Portal.

pds posted 2 years ago

The most boring, pathetic episode of Dr Who I have ever watched. If this is a taste of things to come, end the show now.

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