An expedition through the Guardian of Forever inadvertently prevents Spock from traveling back to his childhood to save his younger self during a hazardous Vulcan ordeal. To set things straight, Spock must go through the Guardian and revisit his time growing up... and save his life before he is wiped from existence.

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By Gadfly on Sep 15, 2015

The Enterprise delivers a team of historians to the planet of the Guardian of Forever. As two historians monitor the Guardian, Kirk and Spock accompany Historian Erikson to an observation mission to Orion a thousand years in the past. However, when Spock comes through the portal, McCoy doesn't recognize him. Assuming it's a practical joke, the party beams up to the ship only to discover that Scotty doesn't recognize Spock either. However, Kirk has a surprise of his own when he doesn't recognize…

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