Meanwhile, as Harvey Dent recovers in Gotham Hospital, he decides to take matters into his own hands. Dent blames Batman for destroying his chances to become mayor, and will doing anything to stop him. Batman continues to work in secret while the world continues to believe that Bruce Wayne is dead. He visits the man known as the "Key." After a brief fight, Batman asks him to tell him everything he knows about Dane; The Key tells them a man by the name of Slace Wilson paid him for the forgeries. After getting his answer, he and Katana leave. They learn that Slade Wilson was possibly a disguised Dane. Alfred finally tells them where he went and why. Alfred tells him that he was his protege, but when he became reckless and started abusing his power, Alfred was forced to stop him. Slade Wilson was discharged by Alfred's recommendation, and in retaliation tried to kill Alfred but failed. Slade Wilson disappear, and Alfred left Bruce to find him and make peace. Alfred was led to believe that he was dead, but in secret Slade Wilson was trained to be a mercenary, and often change his appearance to avoid detection. They wonder why go through all the trouble, unless it was for something bigger. Deathstroke, and Dane are of the same man: Slade Wilson. He also know that Bruce Wayne is alive because he knows that he is Batman. Slade feels Alfred betrayed him, and wants to prove him wrong. He wants them to watch as he becomes someone better than the next person Alfred trained: Bruce, who later became Batman. He came to Gothem when he heard Alfred was searching for him, he then made sure Dent would go for the special position in the Police Force, and then connect Alfred to Bruce/Batman. Slade makes the necessary events happen, to twist things to his perfection. Also to guarantee, that he becomes Batman and Alfred's favorite "son." Batman declares that the way to stop him, is to twist everything back. Anarchy visits Dent in the hospital, who plans to leave the hospital; Anarchy asks if their plan will continue, Dent answers yes, but first he has some lose ends to tie up. They visit the women who has been making him look bad, and give her a choice: drop out of the race for mayor or die, she agrees. Batman goes to the media to tell his side of the story. They then visit Dent's "friend," and force him enacts martial law in Gotham, instructing the police to hunt down Batman and bring him to justice... dead or dead. At the interview, he declares that he is the only justice this city needs, and that Bruce was a problem that needed to be dealt with. After the interview, it turns out he said those things to bait the cops, then it is Slade Wilson's move. Gordon tries to stop Dent's martial law, but quits when he sees he can't do anything about it. At the location, chosen by Batman the police surround him. Anarchy warns that Batman is smarter than he looks, that it is a set up, but Dent doesn't listen. Batman and Katana discuss if Deathstroke will show, Batman believes he will since he changes his plans, while Katana is unsure, and hopefully before the police storm the building. Batman and Katana begin taking care of the police. They run into Dent, is was about to kill them, when one of his guards knocks him out, turning out to be Slade Wilson. Gordan arrives by Batman instructions, but is easily taken out by Slade. While Batman checks on Gordan, Slade attempts to escape and Katana goes after him in the helicopter. The two fights, and the helicopter starts to go down; Batman give Gordan treatment, then follows after seeing the helicopter going down. Batman arrives and joins the fight, he tells Batman that this was not as he planned. Batman tells him sorry to disappoint him, but Slade says like wise and causes Katana to fall out. Batman attempts to save her, but with held by Wilson, and they crash. To be Continued........

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